Hello, maker! Welcome to the DycodeX Shop FAQ section.


How do I place an order?

Refer to our Ordering Guide for a guide on how to place an order on DycodeX Shop.

Once you’ve finished placing your order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation notice via email containing the list and total cost of items you order.

After this, the DycodeX Shop team will screen your order manually and personally contact you within 24 hours to confirm with you the availability and estimated delivery time of the items your ordered.

See What are "preorder products"? Why are most items on DycodeX Shop listed as such? section below for more information on why we do this.

What are “preorder products”? Why are most items on DycodeX Shop listed as such?

DycodeX Shop products are hand-built by the awesome makers over at our workshop. In cases where an item’s demand is greater than its supply, we list it as a “preorder product” with the “preorder price” tag attached. These “preorder products” may take up to 14 days to build.

Can I cancel the orders that I’ve placed?

So long as you haven’t made payment, you can cancel your order at any time. Just shoot us an email with your order number and we’ll sort it out.

How do I change the amount of items I wish to order?

Head over to your Shopping Cart and adjust the numbers of each items under the Quantity column to whatever you wish.

What are “coupon codes”? How do I go about using it?

Coupon codes are discounts that you can apply to your orders at DycodeX Shop. We occassionally do a giveaway of these during our events, so always be on the lookout for them!


What are the choices for my payment methods?

At the moment, DycodeX Shop supports the following payment methods.

  1. Bank transfer, and
  2. PayPal.

How do I go about making payment for my order?

Refer to our Payment Policy for more details on payment.


How do I place an order with different shipping and billing addresses?

Should you want us to ship your items to a different address than the one you used for billing, you can. Here’s how: in the Checkout screen, check the Ship to a different address. checkbox. A new screen with a different address will appear; this is where you can enter the new address to which we will ship the item.

How do you ship my order?

We ship your orders to anywhere in the world under the service coverage of the Indonesia-based courier service JNE.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, via JNE. See above.

How do I track shipping?

Once we’ve packaged and shipped your order, we will notify you of the tracking number so you can trace the status of your shipping.